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Infographics on key indicators from the Somali Health & Demographic Survey

The Somali Health and Demographic Survey 2020 marks the first time that such data has been produced in the history of Somalia. It provides long-awaited information required by policy- and decision-makers, and all other...

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SDGs & Indicators generated from the Somali Health & Demographic Survey

The infographics on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are generated from the Somali Health and Demographic Survey report which sheds light on the lives and needs of nomadic communities—usually difficult to reach—...

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Kismayo COVID-19 Vulnerability Mapping

The IDPs in Kismayo are mostly displaced mainly by military operations, seasonal floods and droughts from the Middle and Lower Juba regions. Due to the unavailability of land and urban expansion, most of the IDPs are...

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Gaalkacyo COVID-19 Vulnerability Mapping by Risk Factors

Bus stations and markets tend to be high-risk areas due to the high influx of people. It is important to identify them in order to come up with proper mitigation plans to curb the spread of COVID-19.

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UNFPA Somalia Situation Report March-April 2019

Somalia is on the verge of a major humanitarian emergency. The country is facing severe climatic conditions, combined with other persistent drivers of humanitarian crisis such as armed conflict, protracted and...

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