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10 June 2021
Press Release

UNFPA Somalia congratulates Puntland for passing a bill that prohibits Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Garowe, 10 June 2021 –  UNFPA Somalia would like to congratulate The President of Puntland State of Somalia, His Excellency Said Cabdullahi Deni and his cabinet for approving the Female Genital... Read more

28 May 2021

Dignifying Somali girls and women: we must end period poverty now

by Mr. Anders Thomsen Representative, UNFPA Somalia   Many girls and women across Somalia suffer from period poverty; they lack access to basic and essential feminine hygiene products such as... Read more

26 May 2021

Healed after a struggle with obstetric fistula

“I have never been happier in my life than I am now. I can now participate in community activities and interact with everyone easily. I no longer feel lonely,” Zainab Osman Muhamad from Burco,... Read more

7 May 2021

Menstrual hygiene campaign launched across Somalia

Amina Hassan, 17, from Mogadishu, has just gone back to secondary school. She dropped out in February 2020 as she did not feel comfortable attending classes while having her monthly periods. “I... Read more

6 May 2021

Youth living with disabilities kick off mask-up campaign for vulnerable populations

Ms. Amina Mohamed Dhurow is a member of the National Disability Council and the Somalia Association of Female Disability chairperson. She is currently leading a campaign dubbed “Mask Up Vulnerable... Read more

30 April 2021

Empowering Mogadishu youth through skills training and startup businesses

Deeqo Abukar Abdullahi, 22, comes from a family of four siblings. Both their parents died. Unfortunately, in 2020, she also lost her eldest brother, the breadwinner, to gunshot wounds following an... Read more

29 April 2021

Somalia’s maternal health workforce faces a shortage of midwives willing to relocate

Anfa Abdirahman Ahmed, 23, from Lower Shabelle, is a qualified midwife, but she is unemployed.  “I don’t have a job because I wasn’t willing to take up the one I was offered in a hardship area far... Read more

20 March 2021

Zamzam breaks gender stereotypes through art

“Many Somali young girls are faced with a lot of challenges; early marriage, female genital mutilation, lack of education and many others. But you know? This does not stop them from pursuing their... Read more

2 March 2021

Young people gain economic empowerment through innovations

The Dalbile youth fund, which provides grants to youth startups after going through boot camp for ideation and extensive mentorship and coaching on 27 February 2021 in Kismayo, identified Higsi... Read more

17 February 2021

Upholding the dignity of vulnerable women and girls during humanitarian crises

At a very tender age of four, Fardowsa Ahmed from Galkacyo was infected by polio, a disabling and life-threatening disease caused by the poliovirus. She was never taken to the hospital for treatment... Read more