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6 October 2021
Fighting FGM through sports

A tribute to Puntland for bold actions to eliminate Female Genital Mutilation

Despite interventions and investments put in place to accelerate change towards reducing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), the prevalence remains unchanged in Puntland. The Puntland Health and... Read more

30 September 2021

Dear Daughter Campaign - new and innovative approach to end FGM in Somalia

Ifrah Ahmed, a Somali-Irish social activist and a survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM), is at the forefront, pushing a radically different approach in a national campaign to end FGM in Somalia... Read more

27 September 2021

Hope for fistula survivors in Somaliland

Rahma (not her real name) lived as a happily married woman with her family in the Togdheer region of Somaliland. When it was time for her to deliver her first child, she faced an obstructed labour,... Read more

18 September 2021

Need to invest in midwives for safe maternal and newborn care

This year’s theme for World Patient Safety Day, on 17 September, is “safe maternal and newborn care”, aiming to encourage stakeholders to act for safe and respectful childbirth. According to Ms.... Read more

7 September 2021

Somali youth shaping the future of peace building in Dobley

Ismail* and Jamal* from Dobley, Somalia, are close friends. They both used to be gang members, a common practice by young men in some parts of the country. “We used to be low-level gangsters,... Read more

3 September 2021

Somali youth leading in campaigns during COVID-19 times

In June 2021, Osman Mohamed, 18, from Mogadishu, felt unwell for over a week. He was quickly getting tired and was coughing a lot. He decided to go to the hospital and was diagnosed with COVID-19. “I... Read more

31 August 2021

A haven for hope for youth in Mogadishu

Anab Abdulkadir Mohamud, 18, from Abdiaziz District in Mogadishu, is the firstborn in a family of six; one boy and five girls. Anab’s father disappeared from home three years ago. He was later... Read more

31 August 2021

A mother’s fight against the blade and the cut - ending FGM

When her daughter, Fatuma, turned six, Hibo, from Hargeisa, Somaliland, told her that she was now a big girl and at the right age to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM). Hibo impressed it on... Read more

1 August 2021

Healing survivors of GBV in IDP camps

“What is more painful isn’t the beatings and injuries inflicted on me, but rather the psychological trauma I underwent after the assault,” says Muna Abdi*.   Muna, 23, a mother of three, who resides... Read more

30 July 2021

Dignifying women and girls amidst humanitarian emergencies

Fadumo Abdi Essa, 33, is a mother of three children living in a camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in New Las’Anod. At first glance, the deep scars on her left eye and other parts of her... Read more