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4 June 2020

Data can save lives in Somalia’s fight against COVID-19

Somalia’s already fragile health systems have been tested to their limits since the country confirmed its first COVID-19 case on 16 March 2020. As of 3 June 2020, the Ministry of Health of the... Read more

2 June 2020
Older people are at higher risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19

The Somali Health and Demographic Survey Report: A tool to fight COVID-19 in Somalia

Somalia, like many other countries, is grappling with the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, with over a thousand laboratory-confirmed cases and dozens of associated deaths registered so far. With the support... Read more

17 May 2020

Statement by the UNFPA Representative for Somalia Mr. Anders Thomsen on the rape of a four-year-old girl in Mogadishu

Mogadishu, 17 May 2020 – We strongly condemn the rape of a four-year-old girl in Madina, Mogadishu on 14 May 2020 and denounce this gruesome act of sexual violence. It is with great concern that we... Read more

6 May 2020

Somalia needs to invest in midwifery now more than ever

The year 2020 has been declared by the United Nations as the year of the nurse and midwife and stories of heroic and outstanding midwives and nurses are being highlighted throughout the year.... Read more

30 April 2020
Press Release

Somalia Launches Game-changing Report on Health & Lives of Somalis, including Nomadic Communities

MOGADISHU, 30 April 2020 - A new report launched today by Somalia—titled the Somalia Health and Demographic Survey (SHDS) Report 2020—offers the country’s decision-makers and stakeholders vital... Read more

27 April 2020
Press Release

UNFPA and WHO partner to strengthen testing capacity for COVID-19 in Somalia

Garowe, 27 April 2020 – Yesterday, the first batch of COVID-19 testing results were announced in Garowe, Puntland. A total of 11 tests had been conducted with five being positive.  This remarkable... Read more

6 April 2020

COVID-19 threatens already vulnerable maternal and reproductive health systems

After around two months of watching the global spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), on 31 March 2020, Somalia had five confirmed cases of the virus. Any interventions to stop the spread of the virus... Read more

5 April 2020

Statement by UNFPA Representative for Somalia, Mr. Anders Thomsen, on the rape of two young girls

Mogadishu, 5 April 2020 – UNFPA Somalia strongly condemns the abduction and rape of the two young girls, aged three and four as they were playing on 30 March 2020 in Afgoye town, Lower Shebelle,... Read more

23 March 2020

More midwives graduate with UNFPA Somalia’s support

Twenty-five midwifery students completed a two-year midwifery programme on 2 March 2020 at Mogadishu Midwifery School which UNFPA supports through the Ministry of Health of the Federal Government of... Read more

20 March 2020

Milestone agreement reached on data collection and utilization

High-level representatives from the Federal Government of Somalia and Federal Member States signed an agreement on 5 March committing to coordinate and support the use and dissemination of... Read more