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As the year 2020 comes to an end, Somalia continues to face multiple crises including the coronavirus pandemic, floods, desert locust, conflict and protracted situation affecting internally displaced persons (IDPs). A total of 5.9 million people are projected to be in need of humanitarian assistance in 2021 across Somalia, including 2.6 million IDPs.  As of 29 December 2020, Somalia has confirmed a total of 4,690 COVID-19 cases with 3,605 recoveries and 127 fatalities. Women and girls face the worst consequences of all. Vulnerable pregnant mothers and women at reproductive age in communities for IDPs and hard-to-reach locations continue to have access problems to sexual and reproductive health services. Loss of livelihoods and food insecurity among female-headed households and other vulnerable women and adolescent girls has worsened the dependency on food aid and humanitarian assistance. Harmful coping mechanisms such as early marriage and sex in exchange for favors could be common among women and adolescent girls to assure themselves of food security.