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The situation of women and girls with the COVID19 is worsened by the persistent droughts tin Jubba land, South West State, Puntland, Galmudug and Somaliland. Increasing incidences of intimate partner violence, sexual violence and abuse are most likely to become worse as more women and girls suffer multiple displacements, loss of live livelihoods, food insecurity, sexual abuse and exploitation, poor access to markets and water insecurity.


Puntland report on the Humanitarian situation estimates population affected 1,876,624 persons. Out of the total population, it is estimated that 469,156 women and girls (25 percent of women and girls of reproductive age) are impacted by drought events. In Gedo region of Jubba land a total estimate of 133, 310 women and girls have been reported to be impacted by the droughts in Garbaharay, Badera, Beltheawa, Elwak, Dolow and Luuq. A Somaliland Drought Risk Assessment Report indicates that a total population of 135,500. Fifty percent of the total displaced population of 17,700 displaced were women and children.