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The link provides access to the key survey outputs of the Somali Health and Demographic Survey (SHDS) 2020, including the national report, the questionnaires and manuals, study description, data description and the national datasets used to generate the SHDS national report.  


The site had four key tabs – Documentation, Study Description, Data Description, and Get Microdata


Documentation tab

Provides access to the SHDS 2020 questionnaires, technical documents and reports describing the survey process and the key results for this study and the dataset


Study Description tab

Provides the overview, scope, and coverage and the producers and funders of the Somali Health and Demographic Survey 2020


Data Description tab

This section includes the metadata, which provides the microdata contents, including the survey datasets and cases and variables in each dataset  


Get Microdata tab

Enables one to access and download the Somali Health and Demographic Survey datasets. To access the datasets, one will be required to register by keying in their names, email address, country, organization and password