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The Puntland Y-Peer network raises issues about piracy in their first edition of their newsletter. The Youth Peer education network is a youth-to youth initiative, pioneered by UNFPA.

The Y-Peer members in Puntland is not afraid of raising controversial issues in Somalia.

Next issue we want to focus on the sex sale, says Abdiwali, the chairman of the young volunteers in the Y-Peer network. He is leading a small group of youngsters that dedicate much of their spare time to make their country a safer place. This month they issued their fist newsletter written in Somali language. The newsletter was produced with one editor and two reporters collecting information in Galkayo and in Garowe.

In this issue we have been focusing especially on piracy and on HIV.  We are encouraging young people to stay away from piracy, and we are working on how to reduce the stigma related to HIV infected persons, he says.

The newsletter is only an additional tool to the Y-Peer networks methodology. They are already using drama and theater performances to dissiminate information.

- We are monthly visiting IDP camps and high schools where we perform.

Recently one of the groups meember pariticipated in a workshop in Libanon, meeting other Y-Peers from all over the Arab world.

-We have certainly gained alot of experience from him, says Abdiwali. Now we are also planning a radio program which will be broadcasted for the next six months with focus on special issues like female genitial mutilation and maternal health, he says.

- We welcome this initiative and are congratulating them with their first issue, said UNFPA deputy representative in Somalia, Rogaia Abdelrahim.