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Health System Strengthening for Somalia

Across Somalia, every day approximately 10 women and babies die due to maternal health complications. To reduce the high maternal and child mortality and morbidity in Somalia, the Japanese government has been supporting UNFPA’s Health System Strengthening Project since April 2015.

The project provides assistance towards the improvement of maternal and child health facilities, hospitals and outreach clinics serving Internally Displaced Persons, the hard to reach and nomadic populations in Somalia.

The key activities of this project include provision of sexual and reproductive health services, lifesaving drugs, supplies and equipment and capacity building in clinical and management skills for health professionals both at the service delivery point and the ministries of health.

As a result of this project:

* Ciyow Midwifery Training Institute has been established. 33 students are currently enrolled.

*103,012 women and men of reproductive age were reached with birth spacing information in health facilities and outreach services. 4,639 women made an informed decision to use modern contraceptives.

* A total of 16,669 deliveries took place in health facilities with skilled birth attendants. 664 deliveries were successfully conducted through life-saving caesarean sections.

* A total of 211 obstetric fistula cases from more than 10 regions in Somalia were identified and successfully repaired through fistula campaigns in 2015,

* Three ambulances have been purchased and donated to the ministries of health to strengthen referral systems for emergency obstetric cases.