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Banadir Hospital The Federal Government of Somalia recognizes Banadir Hospital as the only ‘National Referral Hospital’ in the country. The hospital comprises three main departments: The maternity which offers treatment services to medical to medical and surgical conditions of pregnant and non- pregnant women similarly The pediatric department deals with medical and surgical conditions for all ages of children, controls and acute watery diarrhea The medical and surgical activities are also delivered routinely or as emergency Making motherhood safer is a top priority for UNFPA.

UNFPA works at all levels to promote universal access to sexual and reproductive health care and rights, including by promoting international maternal health standards and providing guidance and support to health systems including Banadir Hospital.

UNFPA-supported programmes emphasize capacity development in maternal care, especially the strengthening of human resources and emergency obstetric and newborn care. Among its many programmes, UNFPA helps to train midwives, supports emergency obstetric and newborn care facilities and networks, and provides essential drugs and family planning services. UNFPA also supports the implementation of maternal death review and response systems, which help officials understand how many women are dying, why, and how to respond. UNFPA additionally seeks to make pregnancy and childbirth as safe as possible in emergency settings.