UNFPA Somalia Weekly Situation Report #010 – 18th to 24th May, 2017

No. of pages: 3

Publication date: May 2017

Author: UNFPA Somalia

The drought situation continues to pause a threat to women during pregnancy or delivery. More than 130,000 of them may require critical and urgent assistance. Somalia already has one of the highest maternal mortality ratios in the world; one out of every 22 women is likely to die due to pregnancy or childbirth- related causes during her life course.

Drought-related displacement still continues throughout the country with most of the displaced people moving from rural to urban areas or other rural areas where they anticipate receiving aid. Up to 683,000 persons have been internally displaced due to drought since November 2016 as of 19th May 2017. According to the latest UNHCR-led Protection and Return Monitoring Network Report, an estimated 131,000 people were displaced in April 2017 alone, out of these, 55,000 people arrived in Baidoa.