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UNFPA Somalia Situation Report - April 2020

UNFPA and GBV sub-cluster members are scaling-up efforts to ensure women and girls can access GBV support services given the increase in reports of GBV cases, At the same time, maintaining the health and wellbeing of GBV caseworkers to adopt a flexible approach to ensure that life-saving services continue, without compromising the safety of survivors and GBV caseworkers.

UNFPA Somalia is implementing COVID-19 preparedness and response activities, across the strategic pillars identified in the Government and WHO Preparedness and Response Strategy, to ensure that continuity of lifesaving SRH and GBV information and services are prioritized within the national response strategy. UNFPA is actively engaged in Government and HCT/UNCT discussions in the country and acts as the lead or co-lead of SRH and GBV coordination groups in Somalia.