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UNFPA Somalia Situation Report #013 – 17th September to 6th October 2017

The drought conditions continue to affect most parts of Somalia. As indicated in the post Gu rainy season assessment in June, the risk of famine still persists and the most areas are expected to face emergency (IPC Phase 4) food insecurity until January 2018. Displacements: Although the latest FAO-managed Food Security and Nutrition Analysis (FSNAU) assessment shows a decrease of the number of people in need of humanitarian assistance from 6.7 to 6.2 million, the scaled-up humanitarian response is still needed today as much as it was in the beginning of this crisis. There are nearly 895,000 internally displaced people due to drought and conflict, on top of the already existing 1.1 million IDPs that rely exclusive on assistance for basic services and life support.