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Somalia experienced the tropical cyclone Sagar on 19th May which resulted in above normal rainfall (cf. Somalia Water and Land Information Management) that affected 229,000 people due to heavy rains and flooding in northern regions and caused at least 53 deaths. The above normal rainfall in South Central regions following prolonged drought led to flash floods that affected an estimated 795,000 people including 230,000 displaced and 21 deaths.


The floods destroyed basic infrastructure such as GBV one stop centers, hospitals and schools further weakening the fragile humanitarian context. The conflict in northern regions and other parts was also a driver of displacement during the reporting period. UNHCR-led Protection and Return Monitoring Network (PRMN) Somalia recorded 407,366 displacements during the reporting period, with April recording the highest number in 2018 at 247,920 displacements possibly due to the floods and the conflict. This displacement situation increases the vulnerability of women and girls to GBV.