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For development to be sustainable, it is essential that youth are supported and encouraged to take an active role in shaping our futures as they are the ones who will go on to lead future generations and drive efforts for global sustainable development.


One of the greatest features of young people is their capacity for imagination and creativity. In a rapidly changing and highly dynamic world, we need to be able to keep pace with newly emerging challenges through reform and develop new, more suitable approaches. By bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives and blending these with their capacities for creative approaches to tackling new problems, youth hold the keys to innovation that are crucial for us and as such should be encouraged to participate and play an even greater role.


Just as the torch was once handed to us by our predecessors, so will it be passed on to our future generations along with the hopes and dreams of those around us. Realizing our hopes and dreams for a better future; one that truly leaves no one behind, means opening the doors for our youth to follow their dreams and act upon their hopes. It is our sincere hope that Somalia’s youth will follow their aspirations and in doing so work together to build an equal and inclusive world; one that gives all members of future generations the opportunities to realize their dreams and enjoy peaceful and prosperous lives.