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The National Youth Policy of The Federal Government of Somalia

The National Youth Policy is based on the principle of cooperation and collaboration – “a must for all stakeholders in youth development – government ministries, civil society, the private sector and young people – to collaborate and work together to ensure the best result in the development of young men and women“.

The NYP recommends:

  1. Upon approval of the National Youth Policy by the Federal Government of Somalia, a National Youth Action Plan is to be formulated which elaborates the “who does what, how, and when?”.

  2. Establish National Youth Council, formed by young men and women, to participate in the implementation of the policy and will be the bridge connecting youth and development stakeholders.

  3. To nominate Youth Focal Points in all government ministries with the mandate of coordination of the activities of each ministry service to the profession to youth.

This policy term is for five years, which will strive to achieve the objectives and measuring how the critical issues under the seven thematic areas were achieved. Prior to its termination, the formulation process will be reinitiated so the Policy can be updated. At the end of the policy period, policy reviews will be made and new data collection and consultations will be conducted to nd a new policy that focuses the needs of the time.