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The report findings will enable the Benadir Regional Administration as well as the Federal Government of Somalia to monitor their respective sectors in Somalia’s National Development Plans, including those relating to improving the lives of women, children and the overall health of Benadir’s population. It presents more than just numbers—offering valuable information to the Federal Government of Somalia and our partners to strive at all levels to promote universal access to reproductive health care and rights.


This will be achieved by promoting international maternal health standards and providing guidance and support to health systems that will help us define strategic plans and programmes for Benadir. The findings from the BHDS show that around 64 percent of Benadir’s population is below 20 years of age and around 78 percent is below 30 years of age. It also shows that about 35 percent of female household members are within the childbearing age. This can have implications on Benadir’s future birth rates. The large number of potential mothers creates a population momentum and is a strong indication of a potential spike in population growth that Benadir is likely to experience in the coming years.