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2016 concluded the third year of
the GBV Sub Cluster Strategy. The implementation of the Strategy has greatly contributed to the improvement of services, including incident reporting and better harmonized interventions. Mid-term evaluation was conducted, and the final evaluation is currently being finalized. Based on the evaluation findings, the new Strategy will be developed. The key result that emerged from the evaluation of the strategy is that the strategy is relevant, efficiently and effectively implemented. UNFPA played a key role in advocacy and fund raising to ensure implementation of the strategy.

Key results include:

  •    Enactment of the Sexual Offences Act for Puntland on 20th August.
  •    All reported GBV cases were provided assistance based on their needs including medical assistance, post rape treatment, legal, psychosocial support, livelihood and material assistance.
  •    Materials for the forensic laboratory have been procured and its establishment at an advanced stage.