Anisa and Mohamed, explained that the SHDS is the most updated source and the only dataset they could have used for their projects: most importantly, it gave them all the variables they needed to conduct their analyses.
As Somalia makes a political and economic transition, credible and timely official statistical information on population, social, economic, and environmental conditions will play a fundamental role in effective policy making, planning, and monitoring for economic growth, poverty reduction, and attainment of such development targets, as the NDP9 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
In 2021, Somalia witnessed a catastrophic increase in the number of vulnerable women and girls exposed to Gender-Based Violence (GBV) risks. Natural disasters and armed conflicts resulted in multiple displacements, forced evictions, and the destruction of livelihoods, health facilities, GBV service sites and schools. To mitigate the unprecedented and complicated humanitarian emergency in Somalia, the GBV Area of Res...

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