Guidance on Women and Girls Friendly Spaces
A women and girls’ friendly space is a place where women and girls can go to access information and support, participate in activities, learn new life skills, build, and strengthen relationships with peers through exchange of experiences and stories of life and living. They are informal and formal comfort spaces where women and girls can feel emotionally and physically safe – free from excessive stress or fear of vi...
Maka Holds Her Dignity Kit During a Distribution Drive
Through the 'Enhancing Access to GBV Specialized Services and Prevention Information in Drought-impacted Locations in Somalia Project' supported by the government of Japan, UNFPA reached 14,836 women and girls with lifesaving and integrated GBV (Gender-Based Violence) and SRH (Sexual and Reproductive Health) services across various districts in Somalia, including the Jowhar district. Among these women is Ma...
Baby Girls wrapped in Maternity Gifts from SOMA/UNFPA (Photo: SOMA)
In Somalia, where cultural norms and traditional beliefs intersect with the challenges faced by women and girls, the battle against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) wages on. Grappling with FGM as a significant public health issue, Somalia has witnessed a glimmer of hope through an unconventional channel: midwives. These trusted figures, deeply ingrained in society, emerge as advocates for zero tolerance towards FGM....

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