Individual Consultant

GIS Assistant

25 August 2017


The Population Estimation Survey (PESS) of 2014 provided credible demographic and socio-economic data. The success and usefulness of PESS has been acknowledged by all relevant stakeholders, who are currently using the data for planning purposes. However, there is an urgent need to fill in the remaining data gaps on health and demographic issues, for better planning, policy formulation and informed decision-making. In this regard, a health and demographic survey is scheduled to take place in 2017. Prior to the survey, a complete and up-to-date sampling frame is required in order to draw up a representative sample. For the purposes of the Somali Health and Demographic Survey (SHDS), a desk update of the frame will be carried out through the digitization of structures and Enumeration Areas (EAs) using high resolution satellite imagery. The listing of the households will be undertaken within the primary sampling units (or EAs) that will be sampled for purposes of implementing SHDS. The GIS Assistant will carry out the digitization of structures and enumeration areas for the update of the Somali sampling frame to be used in the Somali Health and Demographic Survey.