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This consultancy has been initiated by the United Nations in Somalia, under the overall leadership of UNFPA Somalia in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports, with funding support from EU Delegation in Somalia, in an effort to align and harmonise the National Youth Policy (NYP) with the recent National Development Plan 9 (NDP-9 2020-2024) as well as to develop a costed action plan for the policy.

The Consultancy will consist of three main specific tasks as outlined below:

1. Firstly, the Consultant will review and assess the National youth policy 2017-2021 implementation. This will entail reviewing the current National Youth policy achievements, challenges/bottlenecks, identifying gaps, threats and existing potential opportunities.

2. Secondly, having reviewed the gaps and the implementation of the current National Youth Policy, the consultant will produce a revised/updated NYP that is aligned with the Somalia National Development Plan, EU Youth Strategy and UN’s 2030 Youth strategy as well as with Agenda 2030, including the relevant SDGs. The Consultant should ensure the Revised National Youth Policy is clearly written and visually attractive to encourage and support users implement the policy at the decision Makers, Policy Makers and relevant institutions’ levels.

3. Thirdly, the Consultant will support the development of a costed NYP action plan to enhance the revised policy implementation.