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UNFPA Somalia is the lead agency for conducting population surveys in Somalia. The agency has primarily been responsible for conducting the Population Estimation Survey for Somalia (PESS). This has involved the coordination of PESS activities, providing technical assistance, consulting with donors, and management of the funds on behalf of the Somali authorities in the implementation of the survey. This has included dissemination of results, of the PESS survey for the 18 regions of Somalia.

After more than four decades since the last census report for Somalia was published by the Government of Somalia.  PESS report was published in 2014 to bridge the existing gap.

The foregoing background points to the paucity of reliable statistics/data and hence the need to further analysis of the Population Estimation Survey (PESS) will be vital for evidence-based decision making by all, particularly policy makers as well as social and economic players.   Such information is not available at the moment.  As such the national, zonal (Puntland and Somaliland) adolescent and youth analytical reports will provide details on youth characteristics such as education, employment or occupation etc; to support evidence based decisions and policy.  The national and the Somaliland  Population situation analysis​ (PSA) reports will support the effective integration of population issues into national development frameworks and sector development programmes.

This information will be crucial in availing pertinent interventions for the youth– in a timely manner to Somalis. The data gathered will be useful for local administrations, the UN, international and local organizations, donors and private sector.. It will guide and define programmes and policies and support monitoring and evaluation of existing programmes.

Against this backdrop, UNFPA Somalia seeks to recruit a short-term consultant who has experience in editing, proof-reading, providing assistance in the documentation of cases study boxes, tables and figures and reference materials for the survey’s technical reports and methodology, with the aim of creating easy-to-read reports of international standards. The consultant will also support in the design, production and dissemination of a press kit for the media, and launch materials, including talking points and advocacy through the roll-out of appropriate materials. The consultant will work under the supervision of the Team Leader and PD Manager. He/she will work closely with Technical Support Unit (TSU) and UN RC’s office and other agencies providing support to the production of national and zonal analytical reports.

The consultant will be responsible for the technical editing and copy-editing of the national and zonal analytical reports and statistical tables in close consultation with the TSU Team.  Special attention will be paid to the role of boxes, graphics and tables, the objective being to bring the different components of the draft together seamlessly into a single report; the editor shall also suggest catchy and concise titles for those elements. Compiling and organizing the supporting tables, figures, boxes and resources materials required for the reports.

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