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The Hirshabelle Health and Demographic Survey is a representative household survey that provides reliable data on health, nutrition, and the demographic characteristics of Hirshabelle. The survey was implemented by the Somali National Bureau of Statistics (SNBS) and the Ministry of Health and Human Services (MoH) of the Federal Government of Somalia in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Human Services (MoH) and Ministry of Planning, Investment and International Cooperation (MoPIIC) of Hirshabelle State of Somalia. The survey marks the first time that such data has been produced in the history of the State, which targeted women between the ages of 15-49 and children under the age of five years from randomly selected households across the State.

The survey’s main objective was to provide evidence on the health and demographic characteristics of the Hirshabelle population that will guide decision-makers in the formulation of effective policies for the development of programmes. The data is critical for making informed policy decisions and planning, monitoring, and evaluating programmes related to health in general and reproductive health in particular. The Hirshabelle State of Somalia is now able to monitor its respective sectors in the Development Plan and the health sector through the findings of this survey. The survey findings indicate social behavior in our communities and encourage our people to adopt positive behavioural changes to improve their lives.